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Retirement Planning and Investing

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Intro When it comes to investing, you should have a good amount of money to put aside for retirement. You should have enough money to make monthly contributions to your retirement savings account. You should also include this amount in your current budget. The current budget takes into account your income and expenses from today. […]

Is a Final Expense Policy Right For You?

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Intro Many people don’t realize that a final expense policy is important. The money needed to cover these costs can be overwhelming. If you’ve never thought of the benefits of a final expense policy, you’re not alone. There are many ways to get a quote for coverage. But, how do you know which one will […]

What Are Medicare Supplements?

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Intro Medicare supplements are insurance plans that can help you pay for the extras not covered by Original Medicare. You can get one of these policies from a private insurance company or from your employer. The supplement plan that you buy must fit your specific needs and your health situation. Many companies offer several plans. […]

What You Should Know About Health Insurance

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Intro Health insurance is an excellent investment in your future. This financial instrument helps you spread the risk of medical expenses among many people. It is a form of coverage for your health. This kind of coverage pays for the medical expenses that you incur while traveling. Unlike paying for a visit to the doctor […]

What Is A Senior Living Residence?

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Intro A senior living residence or an assisted living facility is a type of housing facility for people with physical and mental limitations who are unable to live on their own. This type of facility is typically located in a retirement community. The people who reside in these facilities can maintain their independence and still […]

Social Security Strategies – How to Maximize Your Benefits

Intro If you’re considering a social security strategy, you need to understand the different rules. For example, if your spouse is a high earner, the optimal strategy is to defer until age 70, which will maximize your lifetime benefit and lower monthly payments. This is a great strategy to adopt to grow your book of […]

The Importance of Retirement Planning

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Intro The average life span of a worker is increasing. This means that if you are approaching retirement age, you will need to have a plan in place in order to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. While you can use your Social Security, you should also look at your current savings and investment methods and make […]

Making the Transition to Retirement Successful

Intro In retirement, the person stops working and voluntarily withdraws from active work. In semi-retirement, the person continues to work part-time but decreases the hours and workload. Generally, people who are retiring will have a reduced workload and work schedule. Depending on the state, some may even be in a semi-retirement phase for some time. […]

What is Long Term Care?

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Intro When a patient’s medical and non-medical needs are not being met by traditional health care, Long Term Care services may be able to help. The long-term care services may include a variety of medical and non-medical services. These services are offered by both hospitals and private companies. A person who needs long-term care may […]

What Are the Basics of Medicare Supplements?

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  Intro How do you choose what Medicare supplements to buy? How do you pay for them? When is it time to renew your Medicare insurance policy? These are just a few of the questions many people have been asking lately as the cost of health care has skyrocketed, making it nearly impossible for many […]